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    I consider Bob Decker my personal advisor.  I have received his tarot and cartouche readings three times and his accuracy is astounding.  His caring heart puts me at ease almost immediately, no matter what I am going through. I always leave the readings full of hope and strength, certain that I have received the right tools to make the right decisions for me and my family. I recommend him to anyone without reservation.

Yamil Fuentes
Pre-Paid Legal Services
Independent Associate
Telephone 786-390-0581

Bob Decker reads the Tarot with insightful sensitivity". Dick Sutphen, bestselling author.

    "After just one session, I was able to identify specifically by name a trusted spirit guide who has been with me for years AND meet a new one. As an unexpected bonus, I also received invaluable information from a past life that solved a mystery for me in my present life and connected the dots I've been wondering about for years-VERY WORTHWHILE"-Stephanie Vestal, Voyager Tarot Consultant.

   " I want to thank you,Bob, for a great past-life regression group session. You helped me with your hypnosis in finding the cause of what
is hapening to me in the now so I can understand and remedy my present situation. I also enjoyed reliving pleasant past-life experiences. Thanks again for a lovely and informative session".-Frances-Teacher assistant.

    "I always feel safe with you, Bob."- A. Jackson-Office Manager.

    "You're a wonderful reader. Your Cartouche readings have been so accurate for me and I love the way you explain things."-Rosario Ortega-Ballroom Instructor.

    "I have had a lot of psychic readings and Bob Decker is the best Tarot reader who has ever read me"!-Shannon Feather-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

    "I have known Bob Decker for about 10 years. During that time I have had the opportunity to share in his skillful healings and readings. Bob is a wonderful healer and teacher, and he provides clear,accurate and thought provoking guidance through his readings. I make a point of seeking guidance through Bob's readings at least once every 6 months. I am a person who will give praise where praise is due, and it is due here. I too am a healer and have conducted over 1000 healing sessions and have been facilitating spiritual groups for over 10 years. In addition, by day, I have been working in the legal profession in South Florida for over 18 years, and am very circumspective about providing referral. I am very conservative about referring folk to healers and gifted readers. Rarely have I ever referred people to other healers or gifted readers, but in this case I make an exception because Bob Decker is exceptional. Enjoy Bob's gifted services. I have and continue to do so." Blessings in Love and Light-Tom Genung, Esq.

  " I attended a regression workshop you had on June 20th. I went into it with the fear that I wouldn't be able to have any past life regressions. I was pleasantly suprised when I had not one, but two!
   The first one was very touching to me. I was a small boy living on a farm in the midwest during the 1800's. I had a mother and a sister, and the most surprising was my "papa" spending most of my time with him. I didn't see how my "family" passed,but I lived to have a wife and three children (the youngest daughter being my current sister). The most moving part of the regression was how I passed. I was on my wagon traveling by woods when my horse spooked. I clearly remember thinking what a stupid horse being scared of nothing. I went to comfort him when he reared up and landed on me, killing me instantly, After you guided us to our spirit I saw shy the horse spooked, he saw a wolf in the woods. I cried when I saw everything playing out because I'm deathly afraid of horses in this lifetime and my family has owned many horses!
   My next regression was into Egypt, where I once again saw my current boyfriend! He was a Roman soldier moving to Egypt to be with me. I was pregnant with our first child. The next image I had was of another man, I had the feeling he was jealous of my relationship with Eric, my current boyfriend. He pushed me over a balcony, and I fell into a river. I didn't die right away, I was eaten by crocodiles. The man that pushed me over the balcony was my father in this current life. Now I know why I'm scard of heights. And it might explain why Eric is so die hard set against meeting my dad.
   The third regression you did with the group. I didn't have a regression but a progression. I guess the main point of my e-mail is to know what are the chances that I saw the truth or "wishful thinking". My progression was my marriage ( I even saw myself in a mirror dress and all!), and two children, and it stopping about five years ahead and didn't go any further. The most I got from dates is just the month and the year. I was told I  saw what I needed to see, and to stop being so insecure about Eric and our future.
   Anyway, sorry for the long e-mail, bt if you could just let me know your opinion, which would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, what you do is truly wonderful!"-Amber

    Please call Bob today and let him assist you as you need. You can reach him at 954-993-7580 or email him at

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